Chlorine free disinfection

A growing number of people using leisure facilities would prefer chlorine free swimming due to concerns over the negative health and safety effects associated with chlorine disinfection.

As a proven, credible alternative to chlorine, EndoSan has superior efficacy against micro-organisms without producing any harmful by-products. EndoSan is non-corrosive, odour, colour and taste free, meaning pool users will not suffer from red eyes, skin irritation or any other chlorine related issues.

EndoSan has multiple uses in leisure facilities meaning facility managers have one product for multiple applications. EndoSan can also be used as a surface disinfectant for any surfaces or equipment to reduce risk of cross contamination.


  • 99.999% proven bacterial kill rate.
  • No harmful by-products and totally non-corrosive in use.
  • Improved user experience especially those with asthma or sensitive skin.
  • Odour, colour and taste free.
  • Cost effective and simple to dose.
  • Multi-application. One product with multiple uses.
  • Degrades into water and oxygen post disinfection.

“The water quality in the ice baths, used by over 2500 athletes during the London 2012 Olympics was protected by EndoSan. The tested water passed 64 tests a day (carried out by staff and representatives from Dept. of Health) with zero reported athlete infections. Thereafter, regular water testing was carried out by the Department of Health, of which passed 100%. As EndoSan passed all water quality tests this meant that all provided baths were able to be kept in operation throughout the games.”

Ice Bath Supplier

London Olympic Games 2012


EndoSan constant dosing systems can be seamlessly fitted into any existing pool system. Installation is simple and quick and the continuous dosing of EndoSan, at very low required dose rates, ensures water is protected in an automated and controlled manner.

  • 24/7 automated protection
  • Low maintenance and cost effective
  • Proportional, metered dosing
  • Low chemical warning alerts


On smaller systems, hot tubs and therapy pools the manual dosing of EndoSan is a simple and highly effective means of controlling water quality.

Using EndoSan test strips the residual concentration is very easy to monitor and maintain. Full guidelines and instructions for use are available from your EndoSan approved partner.


  • Gym and exercise equipment.
  • Pool floats and covers.
  • Tiled walkways.
  • Showers and washing facilities.
  • Changing room walls, ceilings and floors.
  • And many more user specific applications.


  • Swimming and Hydrotherapy pools
  • Changing/medical room disinfection
  • Hot tubs, Spa’s and Saunas
  • Equipment disinfection
  • Ice/recovery Baths