Advancing Water Hygiene for passenger and freight vessels

With the greater amount of marine traffic globally along with over 20 million people taking cruises in the last 12 months, the pressure of increased levels of health and safety on board ships has never been greater.

With its unrivalled ability to effectively kill a broad spectrum of micro-organisms including Norovirus, MRSA, Legionella and E-coli, EndoSan is proving to be the multi-application, disinfectant of choice for the marine and shipping industry.

Water tanks used onboard ships store water for the duration of travel and are replenished when docked. It is essential that these tanks are free of micro-biological threat and biofilms. EndoSan effectively treats replenished water when taken onboard, is ideal for ensuring tanks are free of biofilm and remain so constantly going forward.


  • 99.999% proven bacterial kill rate.
  • No harmful by-products and totally non-corrosive in use.
  • Improved user experience especially those with asthma or sensitive skin.
  • Odour, colour and taste free.
  • Cost effective and simple to dose.
  • Multi-application. One product with multiple uses.
  • Degrades into water and oxygen post disinfection.

“In 2016 we decided to look alternatives to our chlorine based disinfection protocols for legionella control as we were getting regular legionella failures on board a few of our vessels. After some thought, we chose EndoSan stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide. The EndoSan team and our maintenance team shock dosed a vessel, whilst in dry dock, which very successfully removed the pre-existing biofilm. The installation of the EndoSan Guardian Pulse Plus doing system after the shock treatment has since allowed us to maintain a very clean water system, without any risk of corrosion or compromising the quality of the water supplied to crew and passengers on board”

Leading Ferry Operator


CONSTANT DOSING – Once it’s clean, keep it clean

Part of the EndoSan hygiene protocols advises that a shock disinfection is required on irrigation systems to remove all pre-existing biofilm. However, biofilms can re-form very quickly meaning that untreated irrigation systems are left open to recontamination.

The continuous dosing of EndoSan, at very low dose rates, ensures irrigation water is protected in an automatic and controlled manner.

  • 24/7 automated protection
  • Low maintenance and cost effective
  • Proportional, metered dosing
  • Low chemical warning alerts

FOGGING/MISTING – Cabin disinfection

Ensuring cabins and other spaces onboard are free of contamination goes a long way to ensuring the health and safety of passengers and crew, especially in the run-up to peak travel seasons.

EndoSan provides quick and easy total room disinfection and allows rooms to be returned to operation in under an hour.


Contamination free surfaces and equipment is crucial in any area of food preparation onboard a passenger vessel. Additionally with the provision of fitness and leisure facilities it is also essential to keep these surfaces and equipment to a high contamination-free standard.

EndoSan can be quickly and easily used on surfaces and equipment to ensure all bacterial and micro-biological threats are quickly and easily neutralised.