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    Advancing Water Hygiene for the horticulture industry

Every aspect of plant growth, from seed to harvested crop, is protected and great care is taken to ensure that any source of contamination is avoided. Whilst this is generally applied to every aspect of the growth cycle, water quality (arguably one of the largest inputs to the growing process) is often overlooked.

EndoSan replaces current, ineffective water treatment solutions or can be quickly and easily applied where no water quality measures exist. Its efficacy is the reason EndoSan is fast becoming the product of choice for the horticultural sector.


  • Prevents irrigation system blockages
  • Removes biofilm and prevents re-growth
  • Reduction in infection pressure and crop loss
  • Enriches water with oxygen promoting growth
  • Optimises water use
  • Reduces requirement for crop protection products
  • pH neutral with no harmful by-products
  • Prevents the growth of algae

Using EndoSan gave us the advantage of extending the period of time that hydrogen peroxide remains active in the water in low concentrations all the way down our irrigation lines and capillary beds. The active ingredient, stabilised with ionic silver, worked extremely well in high concentrations as an irrigation system cleaner. Continuous dosing at low concentration doesn’t affect biological control. We didn’t notice any reduction of activity and effectiveness of Nemasys in our applications and we can see the improvement in root condition of our overwintered production already.

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Many growers treat their water supply with chemistry that is either ineffective in the water itself or is not able to remove the biofilm cause of problems. It is only in recent years that the importance of water quality and the problems relating to biofilm presence has been recognised.

  • Pathogens shelter in biofilm and when released into irrigation water can cause disease
  • Biofilm deposits can slough off and block pipes and irrigation nozzles
  • Legionella can be present which means misting or spraying water can be a health risk
  • Increased temperature within a glasshouse and the presence of nutrients and fertilisers can increase the rate and scale of biofilm growth

CONSTANT DOSING – Once it’s clean, keep it clean

Part of the EndoSan hygiene protocols advises that a shock disinfection is required on irrigation systems to remove all pre-existing biofilm. However, biofilms can re-form very quickly meaning that untreated irrigation systems are left open to recontamination.

The continuous dosing of EndoSan, at very low dose rates, ensures irrigation water is protected in an automatic and controlled manner.

  • 24/7 automated protection
  • Low maintenance and cost effective
  • Proportional, metered dosing
  • Low chemical warning alerts

FOGGING/MISTING – Glasshouse disinfection

End of season complete glasshouse disinfection.

No harmful residuals on surfaces, proven efficacy at low concentrations, non-corrosive, no odour or colour, total decontamination.


Trays, cutting equipment, belts and machinery can all be disinfected very effectively with no harmful residuals.

When using EndoSan equipment can be returned to use quicker and free of all contamination.