Commercial Disinfection Services

Approved Infection Control System. From small businesses to large organisations, we work with a variety of companies to help in the fight against the Covid-19 spread. Our disinfection service is vetted, recognised and approved by the National Day Nurseries Association.

After our disinfection process, our product breaks down into water and oxygen with no risk of toxic residuals. It is one of the safest and effective forms of disinfection. Also the product we use is chlorine and alcohol free, with no corrosive effects during application.

We have skilled technicians who are fully H&S trained who can, out of hours, complete a full spectrum deep sanitation service which includes full fogging and spraying with gas analyses testing and documentation. The combination of our product and process means that we can effectively and efficiently disinfect hard to reach areas, and due to the PH neutral chlorine and alcohol free properties of our products, we are able to apply it to hard and soft furnishings ensuring full and complete coverage that can safely provide unrivalled residual performance that lasts up to 30 days.

  • Highly effective against 99.999% of tested Bactericide, Sporicide, Fungicide, Algaecide, Amoebicide and most importantly in this case Virucide.
  • Lasts up to 30 days
  • Unrivalled stability
  • Forms no harmful by-products
  • pH neutral when dosed
  • Proven efficacy & globally approved
  • Effective between 0°C and 95°C
  • Odour, colour and taste free
  • NSF ANSI/CAN 60 Certified
  • Department for Environmental Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Approved Disinfectant

The most developed of the silver stabilised hydrogen peroxides now available has proved particularly effective against biofilms and biofouling in water systems. Independent testing shows it provides a very wide spectrum of biocidal activity against bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, amoebae (such as amoeba acanthus which can act as host to Legionella bacteria) and algae.

Dr T Makin. Co Author of HSE Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (ACOP) The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems (L8)

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“A huge thank you to the team at DES, they have been nothing but professional and informative. Not only did they offer their service to help us get the nursery ready for reopening, but they patiently helped us evaluate our cleaning process and products to ensure we’re doing the right thing. Thank you very much.”

From the first initial consultation to the completion of the ‘fogging’ to providing us with the essential paperwork, Direct Eco Solutions were very professional, informative and efficient. Knowing that our nursery is safe for the children and the staff is a great relief to us and of course the parents.